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"I would recommend or any cultural institution. brings with him a wealth of insight and experience that allowed for a productive analysis of our retail operations, resulting in a path forward that was articulated with clarity and concision. We were able to implement many of his recommendations right away and saw immediate benefits."
Adam P. Baldwin Crestwood, Florida

"I have a great working relationship with and find them very knowledgeable and responsive to our needs. They pay close attention to details and has been extremely helpful coordinating work with our architect. He has great knowledge of the field, and I wouldn't be able to do this renovation without his help."
Lori Eklund Miami, Florida

"The decision to engage to consult on the Yew Dell Gardens visitor center plan was one of the best decisions we made in the entire project. Throughout our working relationship, provided insightful advice, extensive support for his recommendations, detailed analysis, and a common-sense approach to the whole project. He interfaced sensitively with staff, other project consultants and trustees; a talent that even helped us raise funds for the project.'s creativity, extensive experience, and attention to detail, gave me the confidence that we made the best possible decisions, spent our money wisely, and generally insured this new venture will be a positive move for our organization."
Paul Cappiello Miami, Florida

"Historic Arkansas Museum has worked with since 1999, when we hired him to serve as our consultant to envision, design and oversee installation of a new museum store. I give him full credit for creating an outstanding retail presence for us. The space beautifully complements the building's architectural design and the layout of the retail space is very functional and inviting. But, perhaps the most valuable service he has provided has been to train us to select merchandise focused on our mission, to know how much to buy and to be adaptable to economic conditions. We have continued to use the annual or semi-annual reviews — much like getting a tune-up! We consider to be very important to the success of our store and look forward to continuing our work together for years to come."
Louise Terzia Miami, Florida

"Perhaps the greatest testimonial I can provide about is our intention to work with him again during a large-scale expansion project here at the Museum. We wouldn't even consider making changes to our store - or building a new store - without consultation with them. Their advice and recommendations thus far have been that good for our operations."
Judy O'Toole Fort Lauderdale, Florida

" performed an assessment beyond my wildest expectations, and I come from a retail background. Their callouts were so very appropriate and challenged us to rethink our objectives while never losing sight of the desired net profit. He offered targeted suggestions on assortments, depth of product, pricing analysis, layout and presentation of goods. He was a tremendous asset and gave very actionable direction. Talk about ROI... is the best investment you can make!"
Paula Steigerwald Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Upon meeting and hearing at an APGA Convention session, and subsequently reading his book, I knew without a doubt that if we ever had the opportunity to bring in a retail operations consultant, this was the guy I wanted. Through the Museum Store Review, helped us identify a number of changes that would not only help us broaden our support of the Garden's mission from a financial perspective, but much more importantly, re-create our newly named 'The Shoppe at the Garden' to return to a mission-focused approach that will enhance and extend our guest's experience. was a real pleasure to work with and we look forward to an ongoing partnership as we make plans for a new Guest Welcome Center.
Kathy Gilder Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"How fortunate we are to have crossed paths with early in our planning process. His expertise and practical approach have already saved us from making costly mistakes and his specific knowledge of the field has allowed us to remain mission focused above all else. ARS has provided an invaluable service during this early stage of development, which will undoubtedly form a solid foundation of retail success for many years to come."
Tracy Cude Bentonville, Arkansas